ExplosiveRO 2017 Year-end Awards

Thank you for an awesome 2017! We laughed, cried, pwned, got pwned, but I hope everyone had fun.


Looking Forward

With 2018 coming along, I would like to announce that there will be major changes happening to ExplosiveRO including:

  • Non-tradeable WoE-only Guild Packs
  • 3D Headgears
  • Custom Pets with Effects
  • ..and more!

I hope you’re as excited as I am in welcoming 2018 in ExplosiveRO!

Awarding Ceremony Events

  • Codes for voter prizes have been sent out to the email addressed associated with the username you used to vote. Congratulations to all the winners!
  • 100 EX codes were given away during the awarding ceremony. Congratulations to all the winners!
  • 10 rounds of Loot Crate while Hot Map is going on were also hosted after the awarding ceremony.


GM-voted Awards

  • Toughest Player(s): Testing201 & LPG.
  • Most Elite Guild: Good Old Days


Player Awards

  • Best Killer: Device
  • Best Support: KENNETH POGI
  • Best E. Caller: Ang Panday
  • Best Breaker: BOBONG SINX


Job Awards

  • Best Lord Knight: Testing201*
  • Best High Wizard: Z e r o
  • Best Sniper: Boom Pinana Kabeem*
  • Best Whitesmith: Akhieeeeee*
  • Best Assassin Cross: BOBONG SINX
  • Best High Priest: EKUP
  • Best Paladin: Verteidiger*
  • Best Professor: Lil Uzi Vert
  • Best Clown/Gypsy: Homer
  • Best Creator: -21-
  • Best Stalker: PHIL TAN*
  • Best Champion: SukLi
  • Best Ninja: Papapapau
  • Best Gunslinger: EDITED999*
  • Best Star Gladiator: Kuro*
  • Best Soul Linker: N/A


Community Awards

  • Most Helpful Player: -21-
  • Public Enemy Number One: Not Phil Tan*
  • Best Dressed: Z e r o
  • Most Addicted: Ang Panday
  • Funniest Trashtalker: Not Phil Tan*


Guild Awards

  • Best Attacker: Kuntador de Amor
  • Best Defender: Universe 7
  • Best Emblem: – Restricted –


(*) means that the recipient was absent during the awarding ceremony.

2 responses to “ExplosiveRO 2017 Year-end Awards”

  1. English says:

    LOL. How bout those player that didnt get any from that code ? They didnt cellebrating ? Or ? Thats a shit you guys know it. This is mean The Shitest Christmas and Newyear !!!!! DAMN THAT SHIT