How to Play


Character Stats

There are six basic stats which will affect a large number of aspects of a character’s combat worthiness against given opponents. These stats can be directly altered by the player either at character creation or when gaining a base level.

  • Strength: Increases attack strength in melee combat and weight limit.
  • Agility: Increases attack speed and dodge rate.
  • Vitality: Increases physical defense, maximum HP and HP recovery rate.
  • Intelligence: Increases magic attack, magic defense and maximum SP.
  • Dexterity: Increases accuracy, ranged attack strength and minimum damage dealt, and lowers the cast time for some skills and spells.
  • Luck: Increases Critical hits and perfect dodge rate.



Slash commands (Type /h in-game for the full list)

  • /guild – create a guild
  • /organize – create a party
  • /ns – allows healbombing on monsters
  • /nc – auto-attack
  • /effect – turns off visual effects

At commands (Type @commands in-game for the full list)

  • @go – warps to a city spawn point
  • @warp – warps to a specified map
  • @autoloot – automatically loots all drops
  • @iteminfo – shows info about an item
  • @mobinfo – shows info about a monster
  • @autoloot – automatically picks up loots


Leveling Up

Keep track of your base level and job level! When you reach job level 10 for Novices or job level 50+ for other classes, you will be able to change your class. When you’re ready to change your class, talk to the Job Master. You can use the map directory below for the suggested leveling spots.

  • Levels 1-30 – pay_fild04
  • Levels 31-60 – pay_dun01, pay_dun02, ein_fild07, gef_fild10
  • Levels 61-99 – ama_dun02, gef_fild14
  • Levels 100-150 – ama_dun03, gl_prison
  • Levels 151-200 – lhz_dun02
  • Levels 201-255 – lhz_dun03


Skill Tree

Display and update your characters skills. What skill tree you have is dependent on your characters job class.

Access the skill tree using the keyboard shortcut Alt + S.


Gearing Up

You can find most of the stuff you will need to start out your first character at the Official Mall (@go mall). There, you will find player-made shops and NPC shops which sells items from 10,000Z ~ 100,000Z.

  • Upper-left: Headgears, armors, garments, boots and accessories
  • Upper-right: Weapons and ammunition
  • Upper-mid: Consumable items, vote items and event items
  • Lower-left: Miscellaneous items
  • Lower-right: Refinery


Card System

Cards are items that are inserted into equipment to provide useful effects. Equipments with slots can be inserted with a card. A maximum of four(4) slots are available for weapons, and one(1) slot for footgears, garments, accessories, armors, shields and headgears.

How to Get Cards

You can get cards in different ways:

  • Most monsters in the game have small chance of dropping their own card.
  • Old Card Albums, which create a random (non-MVP) card when opened.
  • Trade or buy one from a Merchant’s vending shop.

Adding/Inserting Cards

Double-clicking on a chosen card inserts or compounds it into an equipment of your choice. The card does not disappear from your inventory until you actually put the card into the equipment.

To insert, the equipment must have a ‘slot’ available for a card to go in. Cards only install into their own specific type of equipment category, which will show a list of available equipments once you have double-clicked the card. Right click the card to see what effect it gives, and where it should be put into.

To see if your equipment has a slot available for a card, simply hover the cursor over the equipment appearing with the suffix [1], [2], and such. An example would be ‘Guard [1]’, which means it has one(1) slot for inserting a card. Only weapons have more than one(1) spot for installing cards.

Successfully Added Cards to Equipment

The name of the equipment are often changed along with the appropriate prefix of the card added.

And depending on the number of cards added to an equipment, a sequence in the prefix is also added.