Server Features


Server Overview

ExplosiveRO is a high rate Ragnarok Online private server with PK mechanics. With hundreds of custom content, you’ll never get bored of playing!

  • Rates: 10,000 Base EXP / 10,000 Job EXP / Modified Drops
  • Main Town: Ayothaya (@go 18)
  • Max Level: 255 Base / 120 Job
  • Max Stat: 255
  • Max ASPD: 195
  • Insta Cast: 150 DEX
  • Map Type: PK Enabled

In ExplosiveRO, you’ll find features that you won’t encounter on the official Ragnarok Online servers such as Town Healer, Job Changer, Town Warper, Field & Dungeon Warper, PvP & WoE Warper, Custom Battlegrounds, Item Mall, Global Broadcaster, All-in-One Tool Dealer, Stat & Skill Reset, Universal Rental, Card Remover, Stylist, Gold Room, MvP Arena, Custom Quests, Mining, Automated Events and more!


Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the frequently asked questions regarding ExplosiveRO and its features.

Q: Are there freebies?
A: Yes, we provide starter freebies to all newly-created characters.

Q: Why do I see 3rd class characters?
A: We have a Suit Changer feature that’s purely cosmetic and doesn’t add any 3rd class skills.

Q: Is this a frost server?
A: It’s a semi-frost server. You must equip Marc Card or similar cards/equipment to prevent yourself from being frozen.

Q: Are there custom cards?
A: There are none.

Q: Are there god items?
A: No Megingjard, Sleipnir, etc.

Q: Can you buy stats/skills?
A: No, you can’t buy stats or skills.

Q: Are Endless Tower, Nidhoggur’s Nest & other instances enabled?
A: They’re all enabled.

Q: Is there an instant leveler?
A: No, there’s no instant level up or job changer. Hey, it’s a high rate server, it shouldn’t take you ages to reach 255.

Q: What’s the primary healing item?
A: Both the Yggdrasil Berry and Yggdrasil Seed are used in PvP and WoE. We do, however, have a Hardcore PvP and WoE were all percentage healing items are disabled.

Q: What’s the effect of the GTB card?
A: 90% damage reduction instead of 100%. It will still nullify statuses.

Q: Does the Doppelganger card give you a max ASPD boost?
A: No. It’s a 30% increase in ASPD.

Q: Are Lighthalzen MvP cards modified?
A: No, the Lighthalzen MvP card effects are the same as the official servers.

Q: Are the Soul Link buffs modified?
A: No, the Soul Link buffs are not modified.


Server Security

ExplosiveRO is protected from hundreds of cheating tools and distributed denial of service attacks. We guarantee 100% server uptime 24-7-365.

  • DDoS Protection
  • Gepard Shield
  • No Bots/WPE/rPE
  • No Software Macros
  • No Auto Pots
  • No Third-Party Programs