Game Rules

General Rules

Server Language
Though we welcome everyone from any place in the world, the staff team will use English to communicate during server events. You are also required to have a very basic grasp of the English language since you may be asked questions by a Bot Police GM in English.

Unauthorized access to server (e.g. hacking)
You may only access ExplosiveRO via our patcher and client.

Using software that plays ExplosiveRO for you such as hunting and gathering items is not allowed.

Third-party Software
Using software that gives you any unfair advantage such as speedhacks and map sprite hacks are not allowed.

AFK Farming
Farming while you’re idle such as the usage of Homunculus is not allowed.

Bug Exploitation
Using bugs for your own advantage is not allowed. All bugs must be reported to a GM immediately.

Account Theft
Logging onto another player’s account without their permission is not allowed. Account sharing is allowed but highly encourage players not to.

Donation Codes
You are not allowed to sell or trade your donation codes. Once you have been given the code to claim your donation item(s), the staff team expects that it is you who will @claim the code. The loss of your donation code because you were scammed by another player is not the responsibility of the staff team.

Real Life Trading
Selling ExplosiveRO assets such as accounts, items and virtual currency for real life cash or other items is not allowed.

Filing a chargeback on donations
Please make sure that the money you’re going to donate isn’t something that you’ll need back later. Charging back is not allowed unless refunded manually by an admin.

Punishment Evasion
Evading an account or IP ban to access ExplosiveRO is not allowed. Temporary bans may become permanent bans as a result.

Tricking other players by trading identical items or manipulating the market economy is not allowed. Be honest with all your deals.

Unnecessary usage of skills and spamming the chat box are both not only annoying but are punishable.

Abuse of @ commands
Using @ commands the way they’re not intended to be (such as submitting spam on @request) is not allowed.

Verbal Harassment
Keep in mind that words hurt too. Verbally harassing other players is punishable.

Inappropriate Names
Using offensive character, party or guild names is not allowed.

Kill Stealing of Summoned Mobs
You are not allowed to kill steal (KS) summoned mobs such as those from Dead Branch and Bloody Branch in explicitly private rooms. Naturally summoned mobs and mobs summoned in public maps are free-for-all.

Spreading false information about other players, staff or the server in general is not allowed.

Continuous Begging
Begging non-stop or begging for things you don’t need are both not allowed.

Impersonating a game master or another player in any manner is not allowed. This includes introducing yourself as another member of the community. This rule does not apply to players who use a famous person’s name (eg: Celebrity).

Advertising other RO private servers
Using ExplosiveRO as a means to advertise another Ragnarok Online server is not allowed.

Cell Stacking
Using a Homunculus or a pet to stack on the same cell as your character is not allowed. In official events, you are required to be at least 2 cells away from your Humunculus or pet.

Use common sense
If it doesn’t seem like something you should do, don’t do it.

Camp vending or when you vend just to occupy a spot with autotrade with no intention of buying and/or selling is not allowed. You may not use the vending skill to sell items in the main town. You are, however, allowed to setup buying shops. Autotrading buyers may be kicked or refreshed by GM’s if they’ve been left online for more than 48 hours.

Guild Rules

Unethical WoE Tactics
Cheating or using dishonest tactics in WoE is not allowed. Including, but not limited to, summoning mobs through Bloody Branches or Dead Branches during WoE hours in the castle grounds, opening chat/vends anywhere in the Emperium room with the intent of blocking clickable cells and spamming invites such as deals, friend requests and party invites.

Guild Impersonation
Using a similar looking name and/or emblem from another guild and posing as them is not allowed.

Guild Emblem
The guild’s emblem must be visible during WoE. Copying another guild’s emblem in an attempt to fool them is not allowed.

Battlegrounds Rules

Character Limit
You are not allowed to have more than one character in the Battlegrounds map.

AFK or Idling
You are not allowed to AFK or idle inside the Battlegrounds. If your teammates report you, it is a bannable offense.

Multi Client Rules

PvP and Events
You are not allowed to have more than one character that you control in an event and PvP map. You are also not allowed to use multiple characters in an attempt to have multiple entries to contests such as screenshot events.

Self-support Characters
You are allowed to use multiple characters for self support such as solo questing, High Priest’s buffs, Biochemist’s Full Chemical Support or for the purpose of vending as long as one of them are spill over to PvP and event maps.

Miscellaneous Rules

Community Extensions
Using the Discord and the Facebook group to reach out to the community is encouraged, but these places will have little moderation from the staff team. You are also at the risk of being victimized by staff impersonators. Helpers are assigned to moderate these avenues without direct supervision of the management. We highly suggest that you use the official forums instead.

Quest Guides
Players are allowed to post the exact coordinates of custom quest NPC’s and the requirements for quest items on the forum. However, it is not the responsibility of the staff team to verify whether any of these information are correct or up to date.

RCX and Minimal GRF
RCX and minimal effects GRF are allowed to be used. The staff team, however, will not provide support if either of these break the game for the player.

Mail Subscription
You agree that by signing up on the ExplosiveRO Control Panel that you will be subscribed to our mailing list. You will receive no more than one email per week. You may unsubscribe at anytime by replying with “unsubscribe” to any of the emails or by ticking it on the control panel.

Scam Cases
Any scams that are brought about due to a player’s negligence and not due to a server exploit or error are not the responsibility of the staff team. You are responsible for your own items. Be smart with who you trade with. Any items that you lost because you loaned them to another player is not the responsibility of the staff team.

Account Sharing
The staff team takes no responsibility if your account is compromised and the account owner has been discovered to share their account info. ExplosiveRO’s staff will never ask for your password and PIN code so you should never share it with anyone since you will be putting your items and characters at risk.